Dear Dumb Diary, This Site Is For Me And About Me

first thing i want to tell is: for those of you who are new on tripod sites, my navigation to another pages is all the way down on this page.
Hi my name is Katherine. i am here to write about me and my life, friends, Ice Queens Club (i will tell you later about this) and my school, which is the major thing that mess up my life. in my school everybody is so stuck-up and mean. so, my life is little bit wierd. i will tell you about my life and thoughts too. they are not all good and kind, but at least they are my thoughts, and belive me, i am writing the thruth. i am not a lier. i will post MY pictures too. on the computer i have only one picture of mine, this picture is from the 4th grade, and i am looking very pale and weird there. so, see ya all later, any commentsm send me on i will answer you. bye, see ya on the other pages.


What's New?

Here I might add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the change. For example:

January, 11, 2006:  I created my WebBlog and posted 2 entries. (webblog adress is  and i created this site.
January, 13, 2006: I wrote "About Me"
January, 18, 2006: I choose a new design for this site and created Ice Queens Club blog. its URL is please visit!

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this is DearDumbDiary Serios - site about me. Also visit my blog and see how my life is going.

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