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Lets Pretend This Never Happend . . .

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you know, reading someone elses diary is a kind of crime. so, if you are horrible person, clikc on this link http://deardumbdiary, and read someone elses diary. (if link doesnt work, copy it and go) why are you still here? i know that you are no good, so go away and read a diary!

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Eminem
Favorite TV show: Simpsons
Favorite movie: Taxi
Favorite book: Dear Dumb Diary
Favorite sports team: Dinamo Kiev
Favorite food: Pizza

My Hobbies

writing in my dumb diary, complainig about food and cooking, not stalking Hudson Rivers. Also I probably be good at being rockstar or vegetarian.

Most Admired

My Cousin Evgeniy


Favorite Links

Dear Dumb Diary Serios: Lets Pretens This Never Happend

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